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‘Sentinel’ Developer Origin8 Unveils Time Travel Adventure Game ‘Future Sense’

The fine folks at Origin8, developers of the Sentinel tower defense franchise, have announced their newest game, called Future Sense. Yes, it’s about time travel. No, we don’t know much more beyond that, though Origin8 is promising that it is “an episodic adventure/puzzle with a time travel twist" and that “your past is sure to catch up with you." Sounds curious! Here’s a teaser:

And here’s the trailer for the Steam Greenlight campaign:

I’m a big fan of time-travel games – Sonic CD (Free) is still one of the few games to really implement it in a cool way, and I’m always hopeful that a game with time travel will live up to what that game did. We’ll see how Future Sense plays with time travel. Origin8 is near submission of the first episode, so we’ll hopefully get to see just what this is for ourselves, quite soon. Keep an eye on the forum thread for more.