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‘The Witness’ Gets Gorgeous New Trailer and Release Date for PS4 and PC, iPad Version Still Coming

Jonathan Blow gained notoriety for creating Braid, one of the most beautiful video games I’ve ever played and both a critical and commercial success. Braid put Blow on the map in a big way, so naturally whatever game followed was going to have a lot of eyes on it and a lot to live up to. That follow-up game is called The Witness, and all those eyes watching are likely the reason it was originally announced in 2009 and has yet to see release. That’s finally going to change, though, as today Blow and the team behind The Witness have announced an actual release date for the game, January 26th on PlayStation 4 and PC. They’ve also released a brand new trailer and oh my lord it’s incredible.

I could watch that all day (and plan to). So here’s the deal: Way back in August 2011, our former brother in arms Brad Nicholson took a comment Blow made in reference to The Witness recouping its costs as a sign the game could be heading to iPad. The comment was, “…I’m pretty sure we could make that back just off Steam and the iPad safely." Then, more than a year later in October of 2012, an iPad version of The Witness was basically confirmed by Blow himself in a blog post discussing different challenges and benefits of porting the game to the touchscreen. That was three years ago though, and this most recent news regarding The Witness doesn’t mention anything about an iPad version. However, the official Twitter account for The Witness has confirmed an iPad version will come sometime after those previously mentioned platforms, so once a more firm release date is set we’ll let you know.