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Check Out the New ‘Need for Speed: No Limits’ Teaser Trailer

Did you forget about Need for Speed: No Limits? We haven’t heard about the game in a bit, and it’s been in soft launch since January. That can often be a sign of trouble for a game, though we’re getting some signs of life for EA Mobile’s upcoming gymkhana-inspired racing game, with a new teaser trailer indicating that hey, this one’s still around and we can hope to see this one soon enough:

Lengthy soft launches can be a sign that a game isn’t doing well or not monetizing to the point that a company will just cut its losses – Supercell is known to do this. But considering that the new Need for Speed for consoles is set to release in early November, there’s probably nothing to worry about with this one since it’s going to tie-in with the console version, at least tangentially. And hey, might as well get as much data s possible from a limited audience while fine-tuning the final experience. Firemonkeys, the folks behind Real Racing 3 (Free), are still working on this one. It’ll be interesting to see just how this one turns out when it’s ready for its eventual release.