‘Shadowmatic’, an Apple Design Award Winner, is Free for the First Time

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Sometimes, I want to play games that get my brain racing and my fingers tapping like an over-excited tap dancer. Other times, I enjoy a serene gaming experience, and Triada Studio Games’ Shadowmatic ($3.99) is a great specimen of the kind of games that you play to relax. If you enjoy these type of games too, then you’ll be happy to hear that Shadowmatic has gone free for the first time. If you haven’t played or seen Shadowmatic, you are in for a (at the very least) visual treat as the game’s gorgeous. The purpose of the game is to rotate a physical object in 3D space in an attempt to make the shadow it casts look like a familiar object. If you’ve ever used your hands and fingers to cast the shadow of a barking dog on a wall, then you know how this game plays out.

The game’s wonderful visuals haven’t gone unnoticed as the game won the 2015 Apple Design Award. In addition to the captivating visuals – perfect for showing off your mobile device to those unlucky souls who don’t play mobile games – Shadowmatic‘s touch controls shine in their simplicity and tactility. Additionally, the game plays on both the iPhone and iPad and there’s iCloud saving, always a plus in my book. So, if you enjoy serenity and simply but beautiful games, go get Shadowmatic while it’s free.

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