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Ravenous Games Reveals Upcoming Roguelike Action-RPG ‘Shadowstone: The Lost Oath’

Ravenous Games, creators of League of Evil ($2.99) and numerous other titles on mobile, have announced their next game, Shadowstone: The Lost Oath. They’re promising that this is a top-down roguelike-inspired action-RPG, where you load out a customized character in randomized dungeons, busting up baddies and barrels, because barrels deserve what they’ve got coming to them. Ravenous has shared some images and details in the forum thread for the game.

Shadowstone the Lost Oath

Shadowstone is currently in development for desktop first, with plans to “eventually port it to mobile." I’m not mad, just disappointed. And remember, we’ll always be here when you need us. But considering that they’re going for a bigger project, and aiming for a $10 or so price point, with production values that already look bigger and better than their mobile stuff, particularly with the character customization, I can’t blame them for trying to do the desktop-then-mobile jump with this one.