‘Uncanny X-Men: Days Of Future Past’ Gets A Big Update And A Deep Discount To Celebrate

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Glitchsoft’s Uncanny X-Men: Days Of Future Past ($0.99) is a decent side-scrolling action game that layers on some excellent X-Men fan service. I enjoyed it well enough in my review, though I found the fighting mechanics to be on the repetitive side and the jumping to be a bit dodgy. Since then, the game has received a few updates, adding additional playable characters, improved control schemes, and lots of valuable bug fixes. It’s been more than a year since the last one, but a brand new update for the game just hit, and to go along with it, the game’s price has dropped from its regular $4.99 to a mere $0.99.

This uncanny update adds new areas to a few locations, including a considerably expanded Danger Room. It also overhauls the game’s physics, making the jumps feel better and the fighting more speedy. Enemy AI has been improved, making your foes more of a threat, too. The biggest improvement comes with the addition of a level-up system, complete with a skill tree. Each time you finish a level, you’ll earn a point that you can use as you like to improve your mutant. Finally, the character art has been improved, giving the game a fresher look. It’s quite an impressive update to the game.

If you passed over the game before, you might want to give it a look now, especially at this low of a price. Of course, if you already own the game, you can reap the benefits immediately at no extra cost just by updating. It’s certainly a good excuse to run through the game one more time.

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