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The End is Surely Near, as ‘Galactic Keep’ Has Been Submitted to the App Store

For years, we have waited on Gilded Skull Games’ Galactic Keep, wondering if and when it would ever see the light of day. After all, it has been in development for six years now, with the TouchArcade forum thread starting way back in July 2009. While we got pretty solid proof that the game actually exists when our Tasos Lazarides went hands-on with the game, it looks like the public will finally be getting their shot at the game. Gilded Skull has confirmed that Galactic Keep has been submitted to Apple.

That’s right. The game that was first announced back when a 3.5" touchscreen for a phone was plenty big, and everyone thought the Apple tablet would be called the “iSlate" is finally coming out. This is actually a good year for games that otherwise seemed like vaporware, what with Forgotten Memories ($4.99) finally coming to life after it was revealed in 2009. And Dr. Dre just released a new album. 2015: the year of long-in-development projects finally coming to fruition! Or maybe the apocalypse is finally coming with all these seemingly-vaporware projects finally coming to fruition. I hope you have your doomsday bunker prepared, just in case.