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Gamevil’s ‘Afterpulse’ is a New Multiplayer Shooter from the Developer of ‘Respawnables’

Here’s something way out of left field for Gamevil. The company known primarily for their RPGs is jumping into the mobile third-person shooter fray with their new game Afterpulse, currently in soft launch in Australia. Developed by Digital Legends Entertainment, known for developing Respawnables (Free), this is promising top-notch visuals powered by Metal with countless advanced effects. Somehow, it’s less than 400 MB to download. Oh, and it’s going to boast online PVP matches, to boot. Here’s a little teaser of the game:

This could prove to be interesting, as it’s so out of left field for Gamevil to be publishing this. The good news is that MFi controller support is here, if touchscreen controls aren’t your bag. Keep an eye out for this one – Respawnables is one of those games that keeps getting mentioned among multiplayer shooters on iOS, and the military shooter theme here could prove to make this extremely popular…