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The Trailer for ‘Astra’ Looks Astounding

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Astra was a game that looked promising when the first footage was revealed. But the first trailer for the game has me really excited, as Astra is looking like it could be a ton of fun. There’s plenty of orbital runners/platformers on iOS, but I’m digging the varying level design on display here. Plus, the game’s combination of sci-fi and colorful Greek wall paintings seems like an interesting mix that just might work. The trailer has me hyped:

This one is promising to release around September or so, and I can’t wait to play this for myself. There are loads of games like this on the App Store, but the levels and feel of the game come off incredibly well through the footage. Everything looks like it’s coming together to be something special, and it could prove to be a top-notch orbital platformer, so keep an eye out for this one soon!

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