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Curious Adventure Game ‘Barmark’ Arrives on Android, iOS Version Coming Next Week

It’s hard to believe that it was a year and a half ago that I first came across Barmark, a new point and click adventure game from Swedish developer Stormhatt Studios. The thing that caught my attention about Barmark at the time was just how… strange it was. The music, the visuals, the overall atmosphere. It really looked unique. Even Stormhatt’s description of what you did in Barmark was intriguing, as they described it as a game with “no goals, no points and no death." About 6 months later, Stormhatt released a second trailer which attempted to explain further what you did in the game, which it sort of did, but it still left us with a ton of questions. Well, it’s been a long time in the works, but Barmark is finally finished and has just been released on Android.

As for the iOS release, Stormhatt says it’s been slightly delayed, but not too long. Expect that to hit sometime next week. I’m looking forward to actually getting my hands on Barmark and finding out what it’s all about for myself after so many mysterious trailers and descriptions. If you’re of the Android persuasion you can go ahead and grab it from Google Play from the link below, otherwise hang tight for another week or so as we wait for the iOS version to drop.

Google Play Link: Barmark, $2.99