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Scan Barcodes to Fight Monsters in the Upcoming ‘Barcode Knight’

Magic Cube did a game with a pretty cool conept with Barcode Kingdom ($0.99), where you had an RPG-style game powered by scanning UPC codes. Now, Magic Cube’s doing a spinoff with more barcode-scanning action in Barcode Knight, releasing next week on July 14th. You’ll scan barcodes to generate monsters, and then fight them. Check out the trailer to see more about what’s going on here:

You’ll be powering up your knight, and making your town bigger and better than ever. Magic Cube is actually promising about half a million different hero styles, which I’m super-curious about. There’s also 60 different monsters that can be generated from barcodes. So don’t throw away those boxes and labels, and get your game cases out, you’ll need those barcodes to fight monsters! There’s going to be special daily dungeons without needing to scan a barcode that can provide valuable rewards too. This seems like a really curious mix, and I’m interested to check it out next week.