Zynga’s ‘Solstice Arena’ Disappears from the App Store, Shutting Down in August

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So, by way of an online petition trying to save it, we’ve found out that Solstice Arena (Free), the “Speed MOBA" from Zynga, is shutting down. One intrepid internet user wants to help save the game, but it looks like it’s shutting down for good on August 12th. AppAnnie stopped reporting data for the game on June 15th, it’s still on Steam, though it’s gone from the App Store and Google Play.

Of course, if you’re wondering why the game is shutting down, the claim of 5000 active users by someone with a vested interest in keeping the game active is some key evidence why that game might be dying. Especially so when you consider that this isn’t just a mobile game, but one available for desktop as well. But since it uses the standard MOBA monetization of buying characters, it’s probably not getting that many paying users to begin with. And the game was nowhere on the grossing charts at all. So as an aging game with relatively no players, making practically nothing, it’s obvious why it’s shutting down. It’s sad, because we have a pretty cool game that’s dying down, and it’s probably not convincing Zynga or anyone else to try the genre again. But as I like to say: we all gotta die someday. It’s just Solstice Arena‘s time.

But hey, internet petition creator. I don’t believe that you’ll succeed, I think your petition is doomed to failure. But hey, crazier things have happened? May your optimism flower eternally. Though, yeah, say goodbye the game.

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