Your iPhone 6 Plus Won’t Help You in the Apocalypse As it Won’t Fit in ‘Fallout 4’ Wearable Pip-Boy

One of the most interesting news to come out of E3 this year was Fallout 4‘s wearable Pip-Boy, a faux plastic device that you can wear on your wrist, insert your mobile device in it, and use as a real Pip-Boy while playing Fallout 4. Many companies have promised “second screen" experiences that will allow players to utilize mobile devices to enhance console or PC gaming (most often console gaming), but not many have delivered on those promises. Bethesda, though, appears to have nailed it. The company seems to have an interesting vision for its wearable Pip-Boy, so it’s a shame that if your phone of choice is the iPhone 6 Plus, you’ll have to make it through post-apocalyptic Boston without the help of the wearable Pip-Boy.

As Bethesda has detailed, the Pip-Boy will have foam inserts that fit the iPhone 6, the iPhone 5/5s, the iPhone 4/4s, and the Samsung Galaxy 4/5. As the company wanted to keep the wearable Pip-Boy faithful to the dimensions of the in-game one, smartphones larger than the ones above won’t fit inside the wearable device. The companion app will, of course, still work on your iPhone 6 Plus, but if you went for the Plus because you have large hands or simply enjoy large devices, no true Pip-Boy experience for you. However, you could always draw a Pip-Boy on your hand and tape that huge phone on your wrist; I’m pretty sure that won’t interfere with playing the game at all.