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FMV Detective Game ‘Her Story’ Launches in Late June

Sam Barlow’s upcoming FMV mystery game Her Story has a release date: June 24th. In about three weeks, you’ll be playing this detective game, where you watch video of a woman talking to the police, as you try to cross-reference and stitch together everything that she says in order to figure out the truth about the case ahead of you. The lead character is played by Viva Seifert, and she’s pretty much the only character in the game that you’ll be dealing with. You don’t really interact with her – you have to use your objectivity and the interview footage to piece together the truth.

This game has sounded absolutely fascinating since it was first revealed, and I’m really curious to see how this comes together. I remember the days of FMV games on the Sega CD, not that many of them were anything to remember! But in this age of cheaper video production, and digital distribution opening things up for developers like Barlow, who worked on Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. Her Story, with backing from the Indie Fund, is launching simultaneously on iOS and PC on June 24th.