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‘Her Story’ Wants to Reclaim the Reputation of the FMV Game

FMV games are one of those genres that kind of died off. Pretty much all of them were more interesting for being goofy B-movie-grade quality, like Night Trap and Sewer Shark and other mediocre games from the Sega CD. But Her Story wants to try and help reclaim the genre, and will be coming to iOS as well as PC. The game is created by Sam Barlow, who is known for his work as writer and designer on Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, one of the more notable titles in the horror series. Her Story‘s setup involves having access to a vault of video interviews with a woman who is being questioned about the disappearance of her husband. You can search the game’s database for different videos to try and put the mystery together.

While many of the FMV games of the past were littered with poor production values and even poorer acting, 2015 is a different time. We have a new wave of creative game creators who take care with story and writing, and the barrier to entry to filming video is incredibly low thanks to the rise of digital video. So it’s possible that Her Story could show the potential of interactive video games after the genre died off, once the novelty of “look what we can do with the storage space of CDs!" fell away. Her Story sounds intriguing, and it’s expected early in 2015, so we should hopefully be checking this one out soon enough. The official website has more info and a fascinating blog discussing the game.