‘Card Crawl’ Getting New Content and a Sale Next Week

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Mexer and Tinytouchtales’ rad dungeon-crawling card game Card Crawl (Free) is getting a big content update next week, on June 11th. The big new addition will be two new game modes, though the exact details of what those will contain is a mystery. The rest of the update contains some cool and welcome stuff. Ten new ability cards are inbound, such as “Blood Pact" and “Bleed." Tired of the same hero card and that same goofy villain? Well, there’s three new unlockable hero avatar cards, and two new dealers to take on. Check out the teaser trailer below:

I’m glad to see Card Crawl, a massively fun game, get expanded upon like this. The game’s already been updated to tweak its deck-shuffling to reduce the odds of getting an unbeatable opening hand, for example. Seeing some new content is more than welcome! If you haven’t picked up Card Crawl, the game is going to drop to $0.99 from June 11th to 14th, though the game is quite worth $1.99. Afterward, the game goes up to $2.99. Buy it while it’s hot!

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