‘Rapture – World Conquest’ Goes Free in Style

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When I originally reviewed Rapture – World Conquest(Free), I tagged it with a 4.5/5 with the caveat that multiplayer would really kick it up to the full on 5. For basically anyone still paying attention to this game(there has to be someone out there) not only did they follow through a few months ago, but now the game has gone free to play.

The developers made this choice on the grounds that sales has basically dried up. I know I am not in the demographic that is going to be attracted to the most popular games on the market. The Minecrafts($6.99), The Flappy Birds, The Five Nights at Freddy’s($2.99) library, and Candy Crush(Free) are all high performing games, but I like games aimed at a slightly older group of folks. My first game of Rapture clicked instantly with me and when I fired it back up this week, I found the magic is still there. It’s a real time strategy gem, but without the success it could have garnered in more ideal circumstances.

But what about the people who already paid? This might be the best part of the story so far. Everyone who paid gets a VIP package removing all ads and 10,000 gold of currency to purchase items in the shop. I really love that rather than just pulling the rug out from under the customers who supported them, Tundra is doing them a solid while making their game more accessible at the same time. If you haven’t yet, go grab it, you’ll have a blast!

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