‘Portal Pinball’ Trailer Released, and it’s Everything I Hoped it Would Be

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I absolutely love how Zen Studios is able to collaborate with so many different companies in order to bring a number of different brands to life in pinball table form. There are of course a multitude of tables based on the Star Wars and Marvel properties, but there’s also things like Walking Dead Pinball, which really captured the essence of Telltale’s adventure games, and South Park Pinball which feels incredibly authentic to the show. When Zen announced earlier this month that it had partnered with Valve to create a Portal Pinball, I got really excited. Portal is one of my all-time favorite game series, and there’s something about a Portal pinball table that just makes sense. Today, we catch our first glimpse at Portal Pinball in action in this brand new trailer.

Just as I’d hoped, everything about Portal Pinball is super Portal-y, just the way I like it. You’ll guide Chell through the Aperture Science testing facilities using portals, battle a bit with GLaDOS, team up with ATLAS and P-Body for some multiball action, and even help destroy a Turret Factory by playing a mini-game hidden by Ratman. It all sounds way too cool, and it’ll be launching across all digital platforms next week, which will most likely put the iOS version somewhere in the Wednesday/Thursday timeframe as an update to Zen Pinball.

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