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‘Gnomium’ is an Upcoming Word Game with Interesting Mechanics, a ‘Tiny Thief’ Pedigree…and Gnomes

There’s probably ten thousand different word games on the App Store, and while plenty of them are surely good in their own right, it’s hard for any one game to stand out. However, Gnomium looks like it could do just that. It features art by Roland Vinh, known for his work on Tiny Thief (Free), and the letter-matching effects seem extremely satisfying. Like, I want to play Gnomium right now because forming words and popping tiles looks like the equivalent of popping bubble wrap. Check it out:

Retrodigio, the developer, is promising that it will feature “innovative new game mechanics" with the caveat that everyone says that, but they mean it. I mean, it’s hard to recall a game that has word formation quite like this, but we’ll see just how it shakes out. Gnomium is promised to be free-to-play with incenvitized ads and some IAP. Beta testing will kick off in the summer, and there’s a forum thread to chat about the game. I’m intrigued!