While we are still Waiting for Minecraft’s Redstone, ‘Junk Jack X’ Goes Electronic in New 2.4 Update

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Pixbits, Junk Jack X‘s ($4.99) developers, are really the gift that keeps on updating. Seriously, these guys have been releasing non-stop free updates for a game that’s been out for almost two years. All of their updates have been quality ones, and their latest one might be the most interesting yet. The 2.4 update, released today, adds a new component to the game, electronics, and the ability to build complex contraptions and widgets using wires, logic gates, latches, and many other devices. According to the developers, you could even build a complete CPU using the new electronics system in Junk Jack X. While Minecraft Pocket Edition ($6.99) continues to be off the grid because of the lack of redstone circuits, Junk Jack X has now enabled us to electrify its already fascinating worlds.


Electrical and electronic devices aren’t the only features added in the 2.4 update; there’s also a new aquatic planet, Thetis, a reworked light engine that supports colored lights, 25 new monsters and 10 new fish mobs, and plenty more. I’m really excited about being able to mess around with electronic circuits because I always feel that such additions really enable a whole different level of creativity. Once more, well done Pixbits and great job continuing to support Junk Jack X.

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