‘Minecraft Pocket Edition’ is Adding Controller Support “Soon”

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Haters of onscreen controls, rejoice; Mojang has officially announced that when the UI of Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) ($6.99) is reworked in the near future, players will have the option to guide Steve around using a controller. Tommaso Checchi, an MCPE developer, has tweeted that when they “raze" the game’s UI to the ground soon (a razing which, to be honest, it badly needs), one of the features they’ll add will be “proper controller support," which is great news for many as this feature was one of the most frequently requested ones on Reddit. While it’s good that Mojang is adding controller support, I’m more excited by the possibility of a UI overhaul because as it stands, the current UI often ruins the game experience, especially when it comes to battling the numerous mobs.

In other news, we are up to Build 10 of the upcoming 0.11 update, so hopefully we should be close to release. Some users have been complaining about the time it’s taking Mojang to release the update, but I’m pretty sure that trying to program for both iOS and Android (especially with the current state of fragmentation) isn’t an easy task. Nevertheless, with the new update coming, which will add boats and some new mobs among other features, the recently-announced upcoming Nether addition, the soon-to-come Redstone addition, and the new UI, the future is definitely looking bright for MCPE.


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