The Logitech PowerShell MFi Controller is Dirt Cheap Right Now

With the iPhone 5 models fading into the past as the iPhone 6 takes over, and MFi controllers shifting into Bluetooth controllers with clips instead of Lightning-connected devices, it’s not a surprise to see the Logitech PowerShell getting deep discounts. We’re seeing some huge price drops on one of the first MFi controllers out there: Amazon sellers have it for $12.95, and discount sellers like LivingSocial have it for under $20. While this lacks joysticks, it will still work with many games that just use the d-pad and buttons.

The PowerShell was always kind of doomed from the start: it was hard to imagine that people would really prefer a version without the d-pad and extra buttons over the more fully-featured controllers out there. Plus, the iPhone 6 being bigger was kind of an obvious move in hindsight, so a lot of people who upgraded suddenly had a controller they couldn’t use much any more. Still, if you only really play 2D games, have an iPhone 5/5S/5C or an iPod touch 5th gen, want something that could charge your device up as well, and want a cheap entry point into MFi controllers? Well, here you go! At least Logitech usually makes good stuff, and it’d be nice to see them take another shot at MFi controllers that would have a bit more longevity.