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‘Mega Jump’s Redford is Dropping Bombs in Upcoming ‘Mega Blast’

If you’ve ever been a fan of Get Set Games’ hit titles Mega Jump or Mega Run, then you’re no doubt familiar with their star character – the toothy, bug-eyed Redford. Now, thanks to an Epic Games’ Unreal Dev Grant and the new Unreal Engine 4, Redford is stomping new ground in the upcoming Mega Blast. Something of an isometric puzzle platformer, Mega Blast sees Redford navigating hazardous terrain, including many disappearing floor squares and all manner of enemies. And yes, with “blast" in the title there’s plenty of bombing going on as well. Check out the trailer.

Unlike the previous Mega Jump and Mega Run games, which used nifty pre-rendered visuals, Mega Blast is fully 3D. Being that it uses the Unreal Engine, you can expect lots of superfluous, but quite pleasing, visual effects. Mega Blast will also take advantage of Metal-capable devices, though it’ll work on older devices as well, at least going back to the iPhone 4s. Get Set Games says Mega Blast is “getting closer to Beta every day!" so expect more news on this one in the near future.