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Did You Like ‘Orbital’? Then Check Out the Upcoming ‘Hue Ball’, Y’All

Orbital ($4.99) was one of the cooler games of the early days of the App Store, and it was great to see it get updated earlier this year. It was based on a game called Gimme Friction Baby by Wouter Visser. Another game that claims inspiration from that Flash title is due on to the App Store: Hue Ball starts from a similar genesis, where a cannon aiming left to right fires balls into a playing field. But the mechanics of what happens to the balls is different: the balls that stay on the playing field will grow in size over time, eventually becoming undestroyable behemoths. You must keep the playing field as clear as possible, not letting any balls go below the playing field’s safe line.

It’s just different enough from both Gimme Friction Baby and Orbital to stand out. It also encourages multiball action, though it’s still about keeping the playing field as clean as possible while balancing out careful action. This one promises to be a ton of fun, keep an eye for it later this month or in early June when it releases.