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‘Pills4Skills’ Will Deliver Trippy Puzzling Action This Month

If you ever played Crackdown on Xbox 360 – and you should have – there’s an infamous line of narration: “Remember: skills for kills, agent. Skills for kills." While I can’t find a good clip of it on YouTube, the title of Pills4Skills sounds like a reference to it, and I approve of anything Crackdown. Also, it’s looking like quite the curious platformer itself. Check out the trippy trailer:

Remember kids, drugs are bad. But in Pills4Skills, you’ll get to navigate tricky platforming levels while spinning the entire world and experiencing bizarre visual effects that constantly shift as you play. Looks intriguing! My Kung Fu Games is promising 72 levels of gravity-manipulating action, with multiple paths and two difficulty levels: hard and very hard. There will also be video-sharing for all the wacky things you experience while playing. This one is estimated to come out this month. Check out the forum thread to chat about the game.