Nitrome’s ‘Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire’ Updated with New Spells, New Enemies, and More

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Nitrome is a studio that just keeps cranking out the rad pixel-art games. Their game Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire (Free) is a fun and challenging game where you draw glyphs to defeat enemies. If you’ve gotten your high scores but are hungry for more, then good news: Nitrome has just released an update adding in a bunch of new stuff. Most deviously, there’s a new mega-balloon enemy to try and defeat, which I have no clue how I or anyone else will pull off. Should be fun!

Along with the King Wizard boss, there’s a variety of new features. You’ll have new shapes to draw, and new spells to employ, such as a 2X powerup. There’s other new enemies, and an improved shop interface as well. The game has a second update in the works, and Nitrome’s working on other game updates and new titles, so there’s a lot to get excited for if you’re a Nitrome fan.

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