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Check Out the Trailer for Perspective-Altering Rhythm Game ‘Wicked World’

Incodra has revealed a nifty-looking game called Wicked World, that takes inspiration from DJ Hero and iOS smash hit Geometry Dash ($1.99) in a curious mixture of games. You’ll be navigating your player character through a spinning planet, dodging blocks in multiple different perspectives. Check out the video of the game in action, it looks pretty cool and has a nice ‘twist’ to it!

Music and rhythm are intended to play a big role in Wicked World, where levels will be centered around music tracks, with the different lane-based runner, flaplike, and Tron lightcycle-esque sections. Wicked World is still in a very early state where the developers are figuring out how they’re going to implement music with the potential for community tracks, and how they’ll monetize the game. If you’re in Germany, they’ll be showing off this prototype version at Apps-World next week if you want to try it out yourself. The developers are participating in the forum thread for the game if you have any questions and want to stay abreast on what’s happening with Wicked World.