Starbucks is Giving Away Both ‘Drift’n’Drive’ and ‘Drop Wizard’

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For those of you hopelessly addicted to Starbucks, there’s a couple cool freebies that they’re giving away right now. According to a report on our forums, you can pick up Drift’n’Drive ($2.99) from Gimblll for free in stores right now as their Pick of the Week. This top-down racer is super-fun, and if you enjoy it, then you can support the developer by buying their latest game Trigonarium ($2.99) which is also a ton of fun. As always with Pick of the Week giveaways, your store might not have them out yet, or they might have them for a while longer beyond the weekly period they’re usually available for.

But that’s not all! The Starbucks app (Free) is giving away a separate game for free, and it’s another cool one: Drop Wizard ($2.99) by Neutronized. If you download the app and sign in with a Starbucks account, you can get a code for the game all without having to put on pants. My, what an age we live in. These are both some pretty cool games; if you haven’t bought them yet, now’s a great chance to get them for free.

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