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‘Drift Draft Destroy’ Will be a Top-Down Racer with Rockets and Online Multiplayer

Top-down racers are fun, sure. There’s a bunch of fun ones on the App Store. Top-down racers with online multiplayer and the ability to shoot rockets at other racers to destroy them? Why, that sounds quite interesting. Thankfully, Gripati has decided to bring this idea to life with their upcoming game Drift Draft Destroy, where you’ll be racing against three othe players, picking up powerups, and trying to out-race and annihilate your enemies. Check out the trailer:

Looks fun! Gripati is looking for testers to help bring get some feedback on this one. Feel free to sign up at this link if you have an iOS 8 device. The developers have also started a thread on our forums if you’re interested in chatting about it. This one could prove to be a standout top-down racer, and I’m looking forward to giving it a spin at some point, myself.