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‘Alone’ Creators Laser Dog Games Announce New Hyperspeed Platformer ‘Hopiko’

Laser Dog Games made Alone ($0.99) last year, which was an interesting endless runner with some cool artistic aspects to it. Now, they’ve announced that they’re working on a new game, and it’s looking pretty cool: it’s called Hopiko, and it’s a platformer where you’re jumping from platform to platform at high speeds, dodging all sorts of obstacles, dealing with cannons, rotating platforms, lasers, and all sorts of things that want to make you less alive than you were before. Laser Dog is promising this one will be a “hyperspeed platformer" and considering that Alone was all about speed, this one already seems promising. Check out the trailer below, you need to see this in action.

The game features a chiptune soundtrack, which actually was composed entirely on a Game Boy, for authenticity. There’s a free download available of the soundtrack EP on Bandcamp. This one’s promised to release in the spring or summer. If you’re in the UK, Laser Dog is showing off the game at Insomnia 54 in Coventry if you want to give it a shot.