‘Dragon Friends: Green Witch’ is Like ‘Hay Day’ With Dragons

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I’ll admit it, when it comes to what people are playing and what they’ve got installed on their iPhones I’m a serial shoulder surfer. (Which is ironic, as I absolutely hate people shoulder surfing me.) Anyway, among my local friends are quite a few ultra-casual non-gamers, or accidental gamers, or whatever you want to call the kind of person who has an iPhone and plays a few random free to play games on it. For most people fitting this description, that’s either Hay Day (Free) or one of the two Candy Crush games (or some other King game) and… That’s about it. Recently though, amongst the “All I play is Hay Day" crowd another game seems to be making its way into the rotation called Dragon Friends: Green Witch (Free) which is another one of “those" games that core gamers will undoubtedly roll their eyes at as it ticks all the boxes core gamers hate: Timers, in-game gems to buy, cutesy graphics, a never-ending onslaught of content and a mish-mash of other ultra-casual free to play game tropes.

Why’s this relevant to TouchArcade? Because, we’re the kind of people who our non-gamery friends are always asking what they should play. A… that guy, if you will. So, knowing full well you’re someone’s that guy, when they inevitably end up complaining to you about being stuck on Candy Crush level 1,284 or level two million in Hay Day, you can be like “Hey I read about this Green Witch game maybe you should try that."

Anyway, it’s been out for about a month now, which seems to be more than enough time for players to create a creepily in-depth wiki about the game it’d seem. We’re a little slow on picking this one up, but, at the same time, it’s kind of interesting how these new free to play games spread. Anyway, that’s this week that guy report. Stay tuned for additional that guy reports as I eerily shoulder surf friends and locals.

Whatever, you do it too.

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