‘Vainglory’ Update and New Hero Vox Hits Today

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Late last night, the folks at Super Evil Megacorp released the update details on its upcoming 1.3 patch to its mobile MOBA, Vainglory (Free). The biggest change that will come with the patch is obviously the release of its newest hero, Vox. We covered the official announcement of Vox last Friday but we now have some extra details to pass along.

Like Celeste, Vox’s basic attacks also deal crystal power as bonus damage. However, attacks also grant Vox an HP barrier and when attacking enemies with Resonance (a status applied by one of his moves) damage will also bounce around to nearby enemies, refresh Resonance and grant an added HP barrier.

Meanwhile, Vox’s three special moves are all centered on auditory phenomena. Sonic Zoom has Vox dashing to the targeted direction while throwing attacks at the nearest enemy. Pulse emits a sonic pulse that applies Resonance and applies a slow to enemies. His ultimate, called ‘Wait For It…’ has Vox firing an ultrasonic wave that applies resonance to all enemies in its path and refreshes it on any that already had it. Shortly after, a shockwave causes damage along the ultrasonic wave path. All the moves seem to center on keeping Resonance applied and using it to deal damage across multiple enemies at a time, which is a pretty cool strategy and makes Vox more unique than other snipers.

In addition to Vox, the Vainglory update has a few other important additions. Private Match Spectator will be added, allowing broadcasters to host proper 3v3 tournaments with two spectator slots available in matches. Players will also now have the ability to ‘honor’ and report players after games depending on how well (or poorly) they perform. A significant change to gameplay is the ability to buy and instantly use consumables now, which means that players no longer need an empty slot in order to enjoy them. In addition, teams now earn XP faster when behind in levels and earn slower XP when ahead. Significant changes were also made to Koshka, Krul, Adagio and Celeste, as well as minor changes to others and updates to weapons.

There are a few other relatively minor additions that are pretty cool. The profile page has been redone with new artwork and players can now declare their position (i.e. Lane/Jungle/Roam) intent prior to hero selection.

Vainglory goes down for maintenance at 10am PST today and once it goes back up the update will go live. Also, keep in mind that Vox will only be available with ICE (the game’s premium currency) for the remainder of the week, and opens up to Glory unlocks on Saturday. Meanwhile, check out the patch notes for the complete deal on the update and check back with us soon for an introductory guide on Vox.

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