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NaturalMotion’s ‘Dawn of Titans’ is Soft-Launched…in Saudi Arabia?!

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We heard last month about Zynga and NaturalMotion’s Dawn of Titans, which was promising to deliver gorgeous graphics with quick, pick-up-and-play gameplay. A soft launch was promised, and it looks like they managed to sneak it under our noses…but they couldn’t do so forever, as thanks to a tip, it turns out that Dawn of Titans is available right now on the Saudi Arabian and United Arab Emirates App Stores.

This one managed to sneak past even the forum sleuths who usually keep an eye on this, interestingly enough. Not a lot of games come out on those App Stores in soft launches, after all. Or perhaps they do, and we need to start paying attention. Anyway, you can check this visually-stunning strategy game for yourself right now, commanding army garrisons with giant creatures into battle against enemy forces. It’s not just a Clash of Clans (Free) game where you’re fighting enemy bases, but actually fighting enemy armies, though you’ll be building an empire of your own. If you’re in Saudi Arabia, or have the ability to register an account there, you can check this out now.

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