Echo Dawn: Shattered Visions

PixeLight Games
Unveil the world of Echo Dawn, a classic console-style RPG where discovery, strategy and challenge are at your fingertip…
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Unveil the world of Echo Dawn, a classic console-style RPG where discovery, strategy and challenge are at your fingertips. Fully customize your party, stats, and difficulty level. Oh and in the process you’ll save the world and be a hero of LEGENDARY proportions. Ninja included! Features: • Deep, tactical gameplay ⁃ With hundreds of abilities and items, you choose what works best for your party. ⁃ Each level, you decide 3 of the 6 stats you want to improve for each character. ⁃ Play defensively with heavy armor equipment and place your characters in the back row. ⁃ Or you can decide to be aggressive and dual wield with your characters in the front row for maximum damage. • Create the party you’ve always wanted to play ⁃ Choose your class for each of the 4 characters in your party. ⁃ 7 unique classes. ⁃ Do you want to play a party of 4 healers? Why not? (Although, I recommend 4 bards.) • Customize your play style for each character ⁃ Do you want to build your ninja to be slow and hit for lots of damage? Use a katana and improve your strength. ⁃ Or do you want your ninja to be lightning fast and hit for medium damage? Improve your agility and use daggers. ⁃ Or maybe you just want to sit in the back, throwing shurikens, and poison your enemies to death. To achieve such awesomeness, improve your intelligence. The choice is yours. • Multiple difficulties ⁃ Just playing for the story? Play Easy. ⁃ Are you an RPG expert? Play Hard. ⁃ Want to experience the game just the way it was intended? Play Normal. ⁃ Or maybe, you like dying, reloading, being frustrated and grinding your way to the end. Then play Impossible. But don’t say we didn’t warn you. • High replayability ⁃ With 7 different classes, 4 different difficulties, hundreds of items and abilities, you can play through the game with many different tactics. ⁃ Fight the 4 optional dragons in the Caves of Chaos for a true challenge. ⁃ Try to see if you can beat Impossible mode. • An epic 15 hour long story ⁃ Explore an epic fantasy where the first humans face corruption and ultimate destruction. ⁃ A story of memories, blood, death, corruption, betrayal, love, life, friendship and the future of all things. SUPPORT As we are re-releasing this game for free we are not able to offer support for it at this time. Comments and suggestions are welcome at [email protected] Thanks :)
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Genre:Adventure, Role Playing
Release:Feb 25, 2015
Updated:Dec 22, 2015
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