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Gamevil’s Publishing Hit Korean RPG ‘Dragon Blaze’ in English in May

Gamevil is bringing another RPG over stateside this Spring, titled Dragon Blaze. Released last February in South Korea, and one of the top-grossing apps since then, this is a side-scrolling RPG where you lead a team of heroes into battle through dungeons and in boss fights, teaming up with other players’ characters to get help with powerful allies, in what are real-time boss raids complete with chat with other players. You can also trigger special abilities and items in battle to try and beat enemies.

Along with the co-op boss raids, there’s a PvP arena to take part in as well. Pre-registration campaigns will happen with S-rank cards and experience boosts to get, like one on their Facebook page right now so if you’re curious about another Gamevil-published RPG, best to get the goodies now while they’re available. These games that get popular in Asian countries are always a mixed bag in terms of how Western audiences take to them both in quality and in performance, because you’re talking about two different cultures in terms of how they approach free-to-play. But you never know just which game will be the one that gets to Clash of Clans (Free) levels of success over here. This one’s expected to release in May.