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‘Discover O’ Will Test Your Reflexes and Color Perception Next Week

Discover O is a challenging casual game that’s coming soon, and don’t let its colorful exterior fool you: it’s going to be a tough game to do well at. The goal is to swipe a colored orb in the direction of its matching color, in one of the four cardinal directions. This starts off easy enough, as the colors start off somewhat distinct from each other. Soon, the positions of each color change. Then, the colors start to become different shades of each other, to where you have to make a quick decision as to whether that light pink or medium pink is the right one, while also figuring out which direction is which. This probably isn’t a game for people affected by colorblindness, but this is also a game where color is intrinsic to the game and to the challenge. According to the developers, “Discover O becomes infinitely more difficult if you are colour blind. BYOF Studios is sorry!"

But even for people without colorblindness, the game’s remarkably difficult! My high score is 154, and the developers’ is 310; you get more points the faster you make a match, with 10 points being the max per swipe. The game has five different environments to play in, based on different cities and regions of the world…and also space. As you play more, more of that area starts to fill up the background, so San Francisco goes from being a blank blue background to getting the sun and skyline in it. Discover O is expected to release next Thursday, April 9th, for free. The game will have an ad-removal option for $0.99, and you can buy more of the diamonds used to buy revives and unlock future content.

Update: The game’s release date has been moved to April 16th.