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‘Cubic!’ Promises ‘Threes’-Esque Gameplay with a Defense Game Twist

Unfortunately, the first games to iterate on Threes ($5.99) were unfortunately regressive 2048 games. But as time goes on, we start to see developers adapting things from Threes into their own unique experiences. That’s what Cubic! is going to try and do this week when it releases. It’s kind of like Threes but with a defense game twist. You’re trying to protect the center square from invading numbers, with a number tile spawning in the center square each time. Each time a number tile moves, it increases in number, and when two tiles meet, they combine, and if they’re opposite numbers, then the higher tile subtracts the lower tile’s number from their tile.

The game is about getting high scores, but it’s also about lasting for 100 turns, which is not easy at all. You can move individual tiles, though other tiles will also move of their own accord. You can ‘peek’ at where enemy tiles will move by not swiping all the way in one direction. It’s a game that can be quite difficult as you learn its mechanics and figure out how to do well – I think spawning as many tiles as possible and being wary of positioning so that you don’t leave any openings are important – and Cubic! should be an interesting game for fans of Threes and other puzzle games to check out this Thursday, April 2nd, as a paid app with no IAP.