PSA: ‘Skylanders Trap Team’ is Dirt-Cheap on Amazon Right Now

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If you’ve wanted to check out Skylanders Trap Team (Free) for yourself, but didn’t want to drop $70 on a bunch of plastic toys and the stuff to interface them to iOS, then good news: Amazon has the whole tablet starter kit with the Portal of Power, controller, and starting figures for $20 right now. The game is compatible with both iOS and Android, and there’s MFi controller support, so you can play with a friend if you have one of those sitting around, as this contains a controller that works with the game.

This is the second big price drop for the game, as there was a big drop right before Christmas to $20. So if you missed that, good news! It’s a little troubling to see such deep discounts, particularly as this was a mobile game with huge scope, not too different from the console versions. But perhaps this is just Amazon clearing out some inventory, or other retail machinations that are beyond the understanding of us mere mortals, who just get some cheap interactive toys!

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