Get The ‘Skylanders Trap Team’ Starter Pack for $19.99 Via Amazon

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If you’ve had your eyes on picking up the full enchilada that is the Skylanders Trap Team (Free) starter pack following Eric’s review of the whole thing but the $74.99 price tag was giving you pause… Check this out:

Right now on Amazon the whole tablet starter pack is $29.99. Add in the promo code TRAPTEAM10 when you check out and it knocks another $10 off bringing the price down to $19.99. Shipping is free if you’ve got Amazon Prime or spend over $35 total on your order.

Not a bad deal for the summoning portal, controller (which sadly is exclusive to working with Skylanders) and all the other junk it comes with. That’s a pretty killer $20 Christmas gift, but you better hurry if you want to get it before then.

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