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‘Tiltagon’ Releases for Free Next Month, With Unique Ad-Removal Option

We’ve written about Tiltagon a couple of times, checking out a very early version, and seeing the new version made with the help of Noodlecake Games at GDC. Soon, you’ll be able to take it for a spin yourself, as the game is set to release for free on April 9th. The game has been getting tweaked and improved ever since GDC, making this tilting take on the Super Hexagon ($2.99) style of fast-and-minimalist challenge hopefully as good as it could possibly be.

Part of Noodlecake’s influence will come in from a unique ad system. You can pay to disable ads, or you can watch a video ad to disable all ads for five minutes. Yes, really. Hey, this was the publisher that brought us incentivized temporary banner ads in Bitcoin Billioinaire, (Free) and that was actually pretty cool. With ad-based games being such a thing on the App Store, it’s interesting to see new ways to handle ad removal, and for a game like this to implement incentivized ads. Adding in revives or something similar would possibly take away from the spirit of the game, but this lets them integrate a very lucrative way to make money without taking players’ money. Folks gotta eat!