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GDC 2015: It’s Not Hard to Compare Noodlecake’s ‘Tiltagon’ to ‘Super Hexagon’

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I feel like comparing something to Super Hexagon ($2.99) to something is a risky venture, but it’s appropriate here. Tiltagon is yet another game on the Noodlecake buffet, and in it you tilt a ball around to a series of increasingly difficult hexagonal platforms. It ticks the checkboxes of a good ultra-difficult game, as evident by the GDC demo where we both fail to survive more than a few seconds, also audio is a little weird, so strap in:

Tiltagon is still in the works, but you can be sure you’ll see more about it here. Noodlecake makes great stuff, and I’m already itching to try to beat my woefully pathetic high score.

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