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‘Zenith’ Takes Inspiration from ‘Monument Valley’ and Adds Grappling Hooks

Zenith is an interesting-looking atmospheric puzzle game that’s coming to iOS this spring. Created by a group of university students, this will be a point-and-click adventure that seems to take inspiration from a lot of different sources. The developers claim inspiration from App Store classics Monument Valley ($3.99) and Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP ($3.99) in terms of creating a gorgeous, yet mysterious atmosphere for the game. And you can see a bit of the visual style of Ridiculous Fishing ($2.99) in the art as well.

Details are sparse beyond that, but you’ll be controlling the protagonist throughout a side-scrolling world, moving blocks and even swinging from ceilings to explore the world. The one thing that could have improved all those games I named earlier? Grappling hooks. Zenith already promises to have more grappling hooks or grappling-hook-like objects, and that alone should have you excited for what this could be.