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‘Boom Dots’ Promises Challenging Fast-Reaction Gameplay Next Week

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Umbrella and publisher Mudloop, the latter being the creators of the rad 1-Bit Hero (Free) from last year, have announced a new game hitting the App Store next week: Boom Dots. You launch a dot from the bottom of the screen at a moving target, which goes at variable speeds. If you hit the target dead-on, you get a points bonus, and additional bonuses for consecutive perfect hits. The game eventually starts to pick up in pace as you go along, as the dot starts to more swiftly descend toward the spikes at the bottom of the screen.

The “Dots" in the name winds up being a clever wordplay, as the game is visually inspired by Dots (Free) and TwoDots (Free) in particular. There are other themes to be unlocked, including a retro gaming one. You can obtain these by completing missions, such as “play 12 seconds in one game" and “get 2 perfect hits in 1 game," with 200 missions in total to complete. It’s a nice blend between fast-reaction gameplay and a little bit of a progression system to give you something to do without being overbearing. This one’s out now on Android if you want to give it a shot, with the iOS release for free next week on April 2nd. Check out the forum thread for the game to chat with others about this one.

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