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‘Tiny Dangerous Dungeons’ is a Game Boy-Style Metroidvania Releasing Next Week

Adventure Islands has just announced their next game after their last couple releases of Duke Dashington ($0.99) and Battle Slimes ($1.99). Tiny Dangerous Dungeons is a challenging Metroidvania game with Game Boy visuals, and I imagine there’s a certain segment of our audience that gets very excited at that thought. This is adapted from the web game of the same name, but extended, adjusted, and optimized for mobile. You’ll start off with nothing but 3 hearts and the ability to jump, soon picking up items, weapons, and health boosts, while trying to handle dangerous enemies. There are checkpoints where you can save your game, but smart and careful platforming will get you through the dungeon alive.

There’s a whole map to explore, and even the ability to speedrun the game with Game Center leaderboards. And it all looks like it came from 1990. Once this releases next week, it’ll go great with the whole list of other Game Boy-style games that’s been compiled on our forums. And check out the Tiny Dangerous Dungeons forum thread, this game has some real potential, and it releases next Thursday, April 2nd.