iOS 8.3 May Let You Download Free Apps Without a Password

Apple is currently working on iOS 8.3, with a public beta program available if you want to give it a shot. Some of the new features in this upcoming Software Update are starting to leak out, and there’s one that may be super-handy for people who like to download lots of games. It appears that iOS 8.3 will give you the option to not require a password or Touch ID input when downloading free apps, as our sister site MacRumors has reported. Right now, when downloading an app from the App Store, you need to authenticate the purchase, but through a setting in the new Password Settings menu.


This is a welcome option, as there’s really nothing putting an account at risk by downloading something for free, especially as any in-app purchases will still require a password or Touch ID authentication. While Touch ID is super-convenient to use anyway, removing more friction now may just convince more developers to make apps free since there’s almost nothing stopping people from downloading them. Now, for those of us who constantly are redeeming codes, maybe iOS 8.3 should let us be able to redeem codes or gift cards without needing our password. It would be so awful if someone added credit to my iTunes account without my permission.