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Naquatic’s ‘CivCrafter’ Could be the Deepest Clicker Game Yet

It feels like there’s a rise in the number of idle clicker games, each one more potentially life-ruining than the next. Naquatic’s next up with a particularly interesting take on the genre, with CivCrafter. This one starts off quite differently, in that you have three different resources that you can tap to collect, and use to build different things, hiring peasants to go out on tasks, and collect the many resources you need to build up your empire.

The game’s a bit more like a simulation game, just with resource collection driven by clicker gameplay, and that even comes in with the multiplayer aspects. You can build up an army, join a clan, and fight other players to try and rule the land. It’s interesting to seeing how possibly the least game-like you could make a game – push a button to do stuff – is being built upon by enterprising developers. This one releases on April 2nd, and if you like clickers – or your love-hate relationship with them leaves you still open to checking them out though you know you’ll get hooked – you may want to keep an eye out for this. The developers are in the forums chatting about the game along with some folks who got their hands on the game early, if you’re interested.