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‘Star Squad Space Rescue’ is the Bullet Hell Take on ‘Crossy Road’

Geek Brain Games is releasing Star Squad Space Rescue next week, a game which could be best described as “what if Crossy Road (Free) was a top-down bullet-hell game? You control a ship that is flying through waves of bullets, with a thankfully-small hitbox, and you’re trying to rescue astronauts to get points. Rescuing untethered astronauts is a good thing to do just because, but in this case, they also give you fuel and provide a temporary shield from bullets. So, it’s a good idea to pick them up.

The Crossy Road aspect comes in with the meta-game surrounding the action. You can collect coins called “stars" in this game, and unlock new ships through a lottery system, or just buying them outright. There’s a $4.99 ship that offers double stars that’s only available through IAP, like the Piggy Bank in Crossy Road. Expect to be challenged by this one, though thee controls are easy to use, and the game freezes whenever you take your finger off of the screen. This one releases next week, on March 25th, for free.