Nintendo to Launch Club Nintendo Replacement That Will Support Mobile

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On the heels of this morning’s big Nintendo-DeNA partnership news, comes some interesting further details regarding Nintendo’s loyalty programs. Club Nintendo is shutting down, but a new program is taking its place, and it will encompass the new mobile games Nintendo and DeNA are making. Interestingly, it will involve not just 3DS, Wii U, and mobile, but PC will be compatible with it as well, along with what Nintendo is calling the NX, their new dedicated game system.

Club Nintendo Replacement

Hopefully this loyalty program delivers many of the same rewards that Club Nintendo offered, as it delivered free games and cool exclusive items like posters, notebooks, cases, and even some exclusive games. I got a blue and gray 3DS pouch that I actually use all the time to carry stuff in bags with, sometimes even a Vita because I like the irony. If playing Nintendo and DeNA’s mobile games helps get anything as cool as what Club Nintendo offered, then it should be worth keeping an eye on.


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