‘WWE Immortals’ Challenge Guide – Tips To Beat The Challenges And Take The Prize

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Now that Warner Bros.’s fantasy wrestling brawler WWE Immortals (Free) has been out for a little while and the nastier bugs have gotten fixed, we’re starting to see a regular schedule of Challenges appearing. Similar to its cousin Injustice, exclusive Gold Superstars will be distributed this way on a fairly regular basis. Since there’s a time limit, you’ll have to work diligently to make sure you don’t miss your chance. I’ve already covered a lot of the basics of WWE Immortals in my first guide, but the Challenges weren’t live yet, so I didn’t talk too much about them. This guide is meant to supplement the first one, offering you a handful of tips to give you the leg up on the competition. Let’s get it on!

The Basics

Basically, how Challenges work is that there are five pieces of gear you need to collect to earn the special character. Each piece is rewarded at the end of a series of battles, with an additional prize for each series you clear beyond the first. Clearing the first series will only earn you a gear piece, while the second will earn you another piece plus a Bronze booster pack, the next will earn you a third piece plus 15,000 credits, the one after a fourth piece plus a Silver booster, and the last earning you the final piece, unlocking the special character. After you clear all of the battles, the challenge resets, allowing you to play through on a higher difficulty with similar rewards. If you manage to finish that off, the highest difficulty setting awaits you. If you’ve just started the game recently, you probably won’t be able to finish the third difficulty setting anytime soon, but the first two aren’t too bad. At the very least, finish the first so that the special character is available in the shop from then on.

You’re going to need a whole mess of tokens to clear the challenge. The lowest difficulty has 63 battles with each play costing a token, so you’re looking at 63 tokens if you don’t lose a single battle. The game offers you up 25 free ones when you start each difficulty level, but you’ll have to earn the other 38 on your own. Higher difficulties may sometimes require more than one token per fight, so you’ll need even more there. There are two ways to go about getting tokens. Unless you are planning on sinking a lot of real money into the game, the Challenge packs available in the shop are a terrible value. They cost a ton of credits and give you very little in return. The best way to earn tokens is to grind them out by fighting battles in the normal play mode. Each battle should give you one or two tokens, depending on how difficult it is. If you can grind higher battles for the extra tokens, go for it, but otherwise, you’re better off choosing a relatively easy set of battles. Send in every character capable of winning until you have enough tokens or they’re all out of energy. This is a good chance to level up some of your neglected cards, provided your main member is strong enough to win on their own.


Leveling up your neglected cards is a pretty good idea. Each series within the challenge has a specific set of stipulations. The first and third series are always the same, requiring a team of Bronze characters and a team of Bronze and/or Silver characters respectively. The other three series will require you to use a specific character or type of card on your team. For example, you might need Undertaker on your team. Generally, any version of that character will suffice, and you can fill out the rest of your team with whoever you want. That means you can stack your team with Gold characters, and you really need to do that past the lowest difficulty. Be smart about it, though. Keep in mind that battles consume energy, and there’s no reason to exhaust your best guys against enemies that your weaker cards could easily handle.

Since these requirements change from challenge to challenge, you’ll need to make sure you have a good assortment of cards. You can easily carry a low-level character through by filling out the rest of the team with strong fighters, but you need to have that particular character in some form. If you don’t have them, buy the cheapest version of them available. In the long run, you’ll need the best version of each character to give you the best odds of beating the highest difficulty, but if you’re early on, money will be scarce enough as it is without splurging on expensive Silvers who aren’t even going to throw a punch. Not that buying Silvers is a bad idea, mind you. For the least possible friction, it’s best to have at least two full teams of Silver characters, since that series always consumes two points of each character’s stamina meter per battle. Otherwise, you’re probably going to be waiting a while or using up some of your stamina refills. With the Bronze series it’s not as big of an issue, as each battle only eats up a single point of stamina. You can easily get away with focusing on one team of Bronze characters.


It’s also pretty important to have at least one member on any team you plan on fielding leveled up to the point that they can use their full-meter special attack. Each battle can have different handicaps, and one of them gives your opponents constantly regenerating health. If the computer tags out judiciously (and it will), you can end up in a situation where you aren’t able to deal more damage than it heals. If you run into this problem, using your full-meter special attack to spike the enemy in one shot might be your only option. It might feel like a waste of resources to sink money into Silver or Bronze characters to that extent, but think of it as a long-term investment. You’ll be using them for every challenge going forward, after all.

As for your Gold characters, they should be fairly decked out anyway from playing other modes. If they’re not, invest in them. It’s expensive to raise the power of your special abilities in this game, but beefing up your first and third level moves can make a big difference in tougher battles. Almost any Gold character should be strong enough to carry you through the first difficulty level, but it’s good to have more than one in case you need to make up for an underleveled required card. Having extra Gold characters is also useful so that you can burn through the battles more quickly without wasting too many stamina refill items. The fifth series of battles is usually the toughest, and each battle consumes three points of stamina. That means you only get three fights from a full meter. If you have extra Golds to field, you only need to refill the stamina of the required card.

Extra Advice

If all else fails, you can skip one battle per difficulty level by paying credits. If a single battle is the only thing standing between you and securing a Gold card, by all means, spend the credits. This is particularly useful against the boss of the fifth series, who often has all kinds of dirty stipulations to stack the odds against you. Even if you’ve already unlocked the prize character in a lower tier, for the purposes of ranking the card up it will almost certainly be cheaper than buying it in the shop. If you don’t have enough credits to buy your way past, you’ll have to grind them out in another play mode. At least you’ll be able to power up your characters while you do it. The online mode is a good way to make some quick credits. Completing all three daily missions will earn you just about 10,000 credits. You won’t earn any Challenge tokens this way, however.

You should be able to complete the standard difficulty Challenge with the following: three Bronze characters of any rank, at least one of which is level 20 with all specials unlocked, three Silver characters of any rank, again with one’s specials fully unlocked, and at least one Gold character of any rank, level 20 with all specials unlocked, plus any specific required characters. The expert Challenge will likely require cards of at least rank Legendary 1, leveled up to around level 30, and at least two Golds. All characters should have all of their specials unlocked, and your Golds should probably have their specials powered up a bit. The nightmare Challenge will likely require teams of at least level 40 and rank Legendary 5, though higher is better in both cases. You’ll probably also have to have the best version of each stipulated card, similarly powered up. Your Gold anchor should be fully-ranked out, leveled as near to 50 as possible, and have their special moves pumped up to near maximum if not all the way. Well, I did say you wouldn’t be ready for the highest difficulty for a long while, didn’t I?

That’s a lot of information to go through, but it should give you some help in getting a grip on the Challenges in WWE Immortals. If it’s anything like Injustice (Free), this is going to be the primary means of distributing new characters to fill out the relatively light roster, so you’ll want to make your preparations sooner rather than later. Luckily, it’s both fun and profitable to run through as far as you can, providing a nice break from the other modes of play while usually banking enough credits to pick up at least one Gold booster pack. Best of luck to you!

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