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The latest brawler from Warner Bros is an awfully familiar one in a lot of ways, but given how much I enjoy the mobile version of Injustice (Free), I’m sure not going to complain. Of course, living where I do, I only know who about half of the characters in WWE Immortals (Free) are, but that doesn’t matter. The game plays the same whether or not you know who Roman Reigns is. Now, with a fresh new fighter comes the chance for a fresh start, and while Injustice players with years of experience behind them will probably get in the swing of things easily enough, I’m sure there are plenty of WWE fans experiencing this engine for the first time. There are also a few little differences that Injustice players should be aware of to make the most of the game. I apologize if some of this seems familiar to those who followed my Injustice guides, but surely I deserve at least as much rope as the people who made the game, right?

Jobbing, Or How To Get Started

When you start the game, you’ll be given three characters as your initial team. While not everyone will get the same ones, they’ll all be bronze characters, which means you need to get to work quickly on getting something better. Within the bronze tier, however, some characters are better than others. Ice Witch Brie Bella, Pyromancer Nikki Bella, and Ancient Druid Sheamus all offer stat boosts to their entire team, making them solid choices. Dark Sorceress Paige’s passive ability allows her teammates to regenerate adrenaline more quickly for a short span of time after she uses her signature move. Giant Big Show’s passive ability gets stronger as he gains health, making him a good long term choice.

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Personally, I think the best bronze-level team at the moment is Ancient Druid Sheamus, Ice Witch Brie Bella, and Pyromancer Nikki Bella. You could sub Giant Big Show, The Demon Kane, or Daniel Bryan in for Sheamus if you really want to, though. They all serve their purpose as heavy-hitters. Show and Kane have more HP, while Sheamus and Bryan hit the hardest. There are other things worth considering when you’re actually building a team you want to stick with, but I wouldn’t worry too much at this stage of the game. While I imagine you will at one point want a good bronze team for when the Injustice-like Challenges arrive, you’ve got bigger things to worry about right now.

The first order of business is getting your hands on something better than a bronze character. As there’s no convenient link-up to unlock a gold character the way we could in Injustice, you’re going to have to do this the old-fashioned way: grinding out credits. As such, I don’t recommend dropping a single credit into improving your bronze team in the start. It’s not even worth unlocking their special moves. Just keep adding to your pile of credits until you have enough for a silver or gold booster pack from the shop. Obviously, a gold booster is the best choice in the long term, but it’s going to take a heck of a lot of grinding to buy even the daily discounted gold pack, so you’ll probably end up tapping out at 32,000 credits and buying a silver one. I won’t lie to you, this is going to take a little bit of time, no matter how you slice it.

Moving Up The Card

Getting your hands on any silver or gold character is going to greatly expand the power of your team, but if you’re particularly patient, you might want to save up an extra 10,000 credits so that you can choose the silver character you want. Deadman Undertaker at 42,000 credits is a great choice to help your team survive more difficult matches. He has a lot of HP and his passive ability allows him to come back from the dead once per match with 33% of his health and, more importantly, a full adrenaline bar. Banshee Knight Paige, sold for 42,000 credits, is another good choice for the long haul, giving an adrenaline boost to her teammates after using her finishing move. If you’re willing to save up the credits, Soldier John Cena’s stats are hard to argue with, but at 48,000 credits, you’d already be almost halfway to another silver pull by the time you could buy him directly. Two silver characters are better than one John Cena no matter how you slice it.

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Once you’ve got your first silver character, you should be able to take on more difficult battles with greater rewards. It’s up to you if you want to fill out your team with two more silver characters at this point or just go for the gusto and grab that discounted gold pack. I’d recommend the latter course of action, since once you have a gold character, any gold character, it will get a lot easier to earn credits. As far as investing in your silver characters goes, I’d recommend unlocking their special moves, but not investing in powering them up beyond that. They’re just a means to an end at this stage. Once you’ve got your gold team, then you can start sinking money into improving moves and ranking them up. After you’ve got your gold team established, you can pick up a second gold team to relieve the burden of the stamina meters a bit, and then go back and bulk up your bronze and silver teams for the inevitable challenges.

The Main Event

Once you’re flush with cash, you might want to start paying attention to allies and rivals. By checking the back of a character card and touching the inspect button, you can see a list of allies and rivals for that character. If you put that character on a team with allies, they’ll get a health and attack bonus. If you put them on a team with their rivals, they’ll gain an adrenaline bonus but suffer a defense penalty. Since Immortals is as focused on spamming specials as Injustice is, the latter situation is probably the more advantageous one, but either is better than nothing at all. It’s something you’ll want to keep in mind as you assemble your final teams. You’ll also want to invest in some gear for your gold characters, either by buying a gear pack from the store or participating in the online mode.

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When it comes to gold characters, the top of the stack is, unsurprisingly, King of Kings Triple H. His stats are bananas, and his passive ability drains the rest of the opposing team of their adrenaline every time he KOs someone. Necromancer Undertaker is another powerful character, with a huge amount of HP and a passive ability that boosts his strength with each opponent he takes down. As a support character, Angelic Knight Trish Stratus is an excellent choice, as whenever she successfully defends a powerful enough attack, her teammates will get an adrenaline boost. NO! NO! NO! Daniel Bryan is something of a steal, weighing in at the lowest cost of all the gold cards, but with the ability to quickly become a monster in-battle thanks to his passive skill.

The Fine Art Of Slobberknocking

When it comes to the battles themselves, Immortals is very similar to Injustice. You’ll want to play defensively, building your adrenaline meter. Special moves are the key to winning, with finishing moves in particular being vital in the longer term. Simply poke away at your opponent enough to goad them into hitting you to bump up your adrenaline. Once you have enough adrenaline to fire off your desired move, fire it off at your next good opportunity. Many of the special moves in Immortals are grappling moves, suitably enough, and if they’re blocked, they do a fraction of the damage. If your opponent has enough to use their special attack, try to lure them into using theirs by knocking them down and then blocking. Block their attack, then fire off yours, and you should connect.

In Injustice, the debate between using heavy attacks versus light ones wasn’t much of a debate at all. Light attacks filled your opponent’s special meter more quickly, so it was a good idea to use heavy attacks almost exclusively. In Immortals, heavy attacks give your opponent a lot more adrenaline than light attacks, so they more or less balance out. I still favor heavy attacks because they usually knock down the opponent. Knocking down the opponent is useful for manipulating the AI of the computer opponent, so it’s quite useful. Still, if you just want to poke, it’s best to do that with a light attack. The enemy will gain less of a meter charge from it and you won’t put yourself in quite as bad of a position if you miss or are blocked.

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Basically, you’ll want to block, counter with your own combo to fill up your meter, fire off your best special, then tag in your next character to do the same. Characters on the sidelines will slowly build meter while another character is active, so it’s useful to keep rotating them to take proper advantage of that. While you can use regular attacks to smash your way through early on, it won’t be long before specials are the only proper means of winning. You’ll want to get yourself into the rhythm as soon as possible. If there’s a boss you can’t beat, you might need to spend some time leveling up on easier fights. If that doesn’t work, then you’ll want to rank up your characters by buying them directly from the shop. Good luck!

Hopefully, this guide can help you get on your way in WWE Immortals. It’s a bit bare at the moment compared to Injustice, but it’s kind of exciting starting a new game fresh like this, and I can’t wait to see how they build on the game as time goes on. I’ll likely revisit the game with another guide down the road once they’ve got the online mode working a little better and have added more content, so keep your eyes peeled if you’re looking for more information. Now, let’s get it on!

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